ARS is a library that implements Angular Radon Spectrum method for estimation of rotation. The main reference to the method is

D. Lodi Rizzini, Angular Radon Spectrum for Rotation Estimation. Pattern Recognition, Volume 84, Dec. 2018, Pages 182-196, DOI 10.1016/j.patcog.2018.07.017. [DOI] [bib] . [code]

FALKOLib. A library containing keypoint detectors for the stable detection of interest points in laser measurements and two descriptors for robust associations.
GLAROT-3D. The library implements a geometric signature to select loop closure candidates. It has been kept to a minimal design..
Maris Vision is a collection of ROS packages implementing the software of vision system used in MARIS project.
Open-source software about 3D perception and next-best-view planning.