POSITIVE Emilia Romagna Regional Operational Programme (POR-FESR 2014-2020)

COORSA Emilia Romagna Regional Operational Programme (POR-FESR 2014-2020)

ALADIN AgroAlimentare IdroIntelligente. Emilia Romagna Regional Operational Programme (POR-FESR 2014-2020)

Xdrone: Haptic teleoperation of UAV equipped with X-ray spectometer for detection and identification of radioactive materials in industrial plants. Founded by CNR Progetto Bandiera "La Fabbrica del Futuro Piattaforma Manifatturiera Nazionale".

National Project PRIN: Marine Autonomous Robotics for InterventionS (MARIS ) (2013-16) Objective: studying, developing and integrating, technologies and methodologies enabling the development of underwater robotic systems for manipulation and transportation activities whithin underwater scenarios. The research unit of RimLab is in charge of coordinating the object recognition and grasp planning.

Integrapack. The Integrapack laboratory made up of OCME and PROMAG intends to develop significant innovations in the sectors of packaging, handling, logistics and storage of materials at the beginning of 2010. Rimlab actively contributed to the project by developing tools for the simulation and the intuitive programming of the plant and by developing autonomous navigation algorithms for automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

SICK Robot Day 2010-2012. International competition for mobile robot. The challenge changes at every editiion: the 2010 was like an an orienteering race for robots, the 2012 was a "fetch-and-cary" competition. Our team won the 2012 edition.

VAALID (Accessibility and Usability Validation Framework for AAL Interaction Design Process, collaborative european project (ICT-2007.7.2. Accessible and inclusive ICT). The VAALID project aims at creating new tools and methods to support creation, design and deployment of technological solutions in the context of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) assuring that they are accessible and usable for senior citizens. Main RIMLab's contribution to the project has been the development of a 3D immersive environment, as well as of tangible user interfaces, enabling visualization, navigation and manipulation of a living environment and related services before their actual implementation.

AERTECH-LAB (Automation, Electronics, and Rehabilitation Laboratory) is a network of laboratories in Robotics, Automation, Human Rehabilitation and Technology transfer sponsored by Regione Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Within AERTECH-LAB, RIMLab is contributing research on mobile robot applications, including self-localization, mapping, and advanced user interfaces suitable for industrial applications.

The RIMLab was partner of Laboratory LARER (Laboratorio di Automazione della Regione Emilia-Romagna). The laboratory had the purpose of developing methodologies and applications in the field of industrial automation, with particular attention to techniques for modeling and analysis of complex dynamical systems, the supervision and the real time control and for the hw/sw design of distributed control systems in the fields of automotive, robotics and automatic machines.

Project "Multi-agent system components with fixed and mobile intelligent robotics (RoboCare)" coordinated by CNR.

RIMLab has been part of several European networks of excellence related to robotics, including Ernet, EURON, and EURON-II and its current development

RIMLab has ongoing collaborations with local industries in the field of automation, such as OCME SRL, which is active in the packaging, filling, handling and palletization sector

PRIN projects "Development of reactive and reliable systems and for industrial applications (ISIDE)" and "Methods and tools for design of systems for high-performance distributed applications (MOSAICO)".

CNR project "Methodologies and tools for distributed virtual laboratories.

Project "Robot simulator for robot teleoperation (SIRO)" coordinated by ENEA.